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Serve One Another
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Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet.  I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.

John 14:14-15

There are plenty of opportunities for you to serve the Church in crutial ministries that benefit the healing, encouraging and strengthening of The Body of Christ and even those far from Christ.  Check out the ministries below.  Ordinarily, you don't need to be proficient in skill - just have a heart that is willing.  

Most people try three or four times before they find the "ministry niche" they're most comfortable with.  

Your TIME is the most important thing you give.  Time to learn, serve, serve alongside others, process what you learn.  But it is the Lord you serve - so it's always worth it!   

If you have questions about the ministry of interest, feel free to contact the primary ministry leader, first, then the pastor overseeing the ministry, if necessary. 

About Ministry at Grace ... 

The Bible says that every person in the body of Christ is gifted by God for ministry to the Body.  

The pastors are gifted to lead and equip, but it's the membership that does the ministry.

That may be unsual if you grew up in a different ministry tradition. 

For more information about ministry at Grace, please contact the Ministry Office at (575) 623-5438 or contact Barry Anderson or Valarie Buckingham

Ready to give it a try?  We've organized areas needing ministry associates below by ministry-focus category.  Have fun!

1. Connection Ministry

Purpose: The purpose of the Connection Ministry is to create an excellent hospitable experience for every Sunday Celebration Attendee so that they are warmly welcomed and accorded an unforgettably pleasant experience.  

Greeter Ministry

What we do: Greeters help make first-time guests feel welcome and attractive and remind members and regular attenders that they are welcomed old friends.  Every service, we need 8 people to smile and give people an authentic and warm welcome.

Suggested Gift-mix: hospitality, mercy, extrovert (but not certainly not necessary!), includers, woo-ers,   

Contact: Georgia Bader,, (817) 437-6755

Cafe Grace

What we do: We welcome first-time guests and remind members and regular attenders alike to enjoy a "third space" to enjoy a cup of coffee and a treat all by themselves, or with a friend or a small group of friends.  Our prayer is that life-changing conversations happen in our space.

Suggested Gift-mix: hospitality, service, repetitious tasks, food service

Contact: Jack Smith,, (575) 420-6869

Section Host Ministry

What we do: We make friends.  No matter if they are a first-time guests or a member / regular attender we believe that everyone deserves significant contact when they sit down.  Not a long conversation, but an engagement, nonetheless.  Another person who introduces themselves, asks about how you came to Grace.  Another person who notices you're a regular and checks on you when you're not there.  

Suggested Gift-mix: hospitality, shepherding, extrovert (but not certainly not necessary!), includers, woo-ers, curiosity. 

Contact: Mary Hale,, (575) 637-0524

2. Maturity Ministry
3. Connection Ministry
4. Equipping Ministry
5. Magnification Ministry

Are you ready to serve? 

The Path

  1. Find a ministry that interests you.

  2. Contact the ministry leader

  3. Attend Class 301: Discovering Ministry

  4. Keep dialoguing with the ministry leader and make adjustments or exit the ministry. 

  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 until you're confident you've found where the Lord wants you.  

  6. After 6 months, have a talk with your ministry leader about staying or going.  

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