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I will build my Church

and the gates of Hell will not overcome it.

Jesus, Lord


Have you ever wondered why Jesus said that? 

Have  you ever wondered what he meant? 


At Grace, we're convinced that thre is nothing more important in our lives than finding out how Jesus himself intends to fulfill that.

It's our purpose.

Maybe like many, your intentions have run past your actions? 

Maybe you know ... it's time to get back to Church.

We know how easy it is.  

That's why on October 9th, we're going to celebrate the Mission of Mercy that God started - and he has designed us to collaborate in.  We want you to come.  We need you to come.


We've had to concentrate on other things for a while. But do you see, now, that it's time to bring our purpose and calling back into focus?  

So, join us for a very special BACK TO CHURCH SUNDAY event with victorious amounts of food and fun!  


  • 11:30 - The Grill starts cranking 'dogs and brats!  

  • 11:45 - Start eating and playing games!

  • 12:05 - Prayer by Pastor Rick 

  • 12:30 - Grill shut down (or until the food runs out!)


  • Yourself and your family

  • Lawnchairs

  • A friend or neighbor that hasn't been to church in a while

  • A favorite lawn game (cornhole, horseshoes, bocce ball, etc.)

  • An appetite

  • Your BIKE ... no prizes, no hooplah - but it's fun to see them!

Back to Church Sunday / October 9, 2022

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