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(Note: this is an archive page and meant to only store previously saved and published material so we don't have to reinvent the wheel.)

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It's December 31st, 1969 and you're at the the New Year’s Eve midnight wedding of Jewel Hogget and Roger Windsor.  

But all is not wedding bells and joy; a malevolence has moved in on the marital mirth!  And you must solve the mystery before it's too late!  

Join in on this fun event where you can participate in costume and in character! We encourage you to attend as a member of the family or as a friend of the wedding party and dress in your best 1960’s attire (it’s the eve of 1969). It’s all optional, of course, but it will enhance your whole experience. Use your imagination and get ready to play!

Who among you will become a cold-blooded killer? A victim?
Be warned and beware, it could be the person standing right next to you!

Your Prime Suspects in “Murder At The Midnight Hour”:

  • Jewel Hogget: The bride and daddy’s little girl.

  • Roger Windsor: The snobby, whiny, mama's boy groom.  A real limp noodle.

  • Henry Hogget: The father of the bride.  

  • Abigail Windsor: Roger’s mommy dearest. 

  • Gregg Pierson, IV: Roger’s best man. 

  • Gert Doppleheimer: Henry’s widowed sister and a surprise guest.  It may be best if you don’t mention her to the family. 

Traffic Cone


Thank you so much for your interest but we must close registration to safely and effectively hold the event.  We hope that we have a bigger venue to allow more people to participate next year!  


Questions? Please contact Monica Solis.

Happy Mother with her Child

If you need childcare, you must contact us by February 10th!  Cost is $5/hour with a max of $20/hour for a family. (eg: 2 kids, for 3 hours is $30; 4 kids for 3 hours is $60; 6 kids, for 3 hours is $60 - get it?) 

Please let us know in advance HOW MANY kids you have and remember to give us 24 hours notice of cancellation.  

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