Family Range Day

March 16, 2019

We get it: We're proud New Mexicans! 

Some of us have grown up with things that go bang or have grown to love the things that go bang!  Call it a link to our forefathers or a link to law-abiding citizens everywhere, or maybe the satisfaction of knowing you can send a grouping down-range 100 yards the size of a quarter! 

But there are some of us who love to shoot.  


At Grace, some of us think it's a fun way to link us together in fellowship.  We figure that the more people we know and have things in common, the more we can support and encourage each other when the hard times come and rejoice and celebrate with each other when the good times come (Romans 12:15).   


The Grace Family Range Day - March 16, 2019

So, why not let our natural affinity to firearms be that link?  

Guided by former law enforcement with professional weapons safety expertise, we're going to have a great day of learning how to shoot, test our mettle, shoot better, and - more importantly - hitting the bulls-eye of hospitality.  


What will we do? 

This will be a small caliber rifle event using .22 LR, 22WMR or .17HMR rifles.

Please bring your own .22 rifle and appropriate ammo.  (If you don't have one, loaners will be available).  We'll have two ranges set up to test your marksmanship, and we'll have some fun competitions!

We'll be shooting at steel targets that offer immediate audible feedback and some reactive targets we can see and hear (targets will not be human-shaped silhouettes.) 


But you can't shoot on an empty stomach!  We'll have a great hamburger/hotdog cookout, too! 


Who can come? 



Other important things to bring: 

  • folding chairs

  • wide brim hat

  • sunscreen 

  • water bottle

  • umbrella for shade

  • BONUS: if you have an awning, share it with some friends! 



Do I have to have hunter safety?   It is highly recommended but not necessary unless you are an unaccompanied 13-18 year-old.  This is a great opportunity for parents/guardians to do this with their kids by building memories as well as skills that can protect or even save their lives.   You can do this online for FREE!

Why can't I bring my super cool high-powered rifle?  We want to keep things fun and safe and we don't want to damage our targets.  

Can I bring a side-arm?  Please do not wear them - leave them in the car.  

Is there a cost?  Do I need to bring any ammo?   No cost except the cost of your ammo. 

I just got my .22 out of the closet - it's been a while - what should I do?   Please click on the call-out to the right.  


Does your .22 needs some love? 



Sign-up for our Rifle Maintenance Day on March 2, 2019, from 10 am to 11 am.

We'll meet out at the Deer Creek Range where you can have a range officer service it and sight it in.  To sign up, CLICK HERE , or contact Steve Halvorsen at (575) 910-3634.  You may also EMAIL him.


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