Grow Up!

Grow Up! We've all heard this admonition at some point in our lives, maybe from parents, teachers or coaches. Perhaps we have even heard these words of advice from the person looking back at us in the mirror!

God also wants us to grow up. But how? Our goal during the month of September is to let God help answer the how question for us. We will learn how to mature as human beings in three essential areas of life: faith, hope and love.

Join the journey as together we discover how to Grow Up!

SEPT 4 / GROW UP! / I COR 13:11-13; COL 1:28-29

SEPT 11 / GROW UP IN FAITH / HEB 11:8-12

SEPT 18 / GROW UP IN HOPE / ROM 5:1-11

SEPT 25 / GROW UP IN LOVE / I JOHN 3:16-18

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