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God intends for us to move forward. Of course, we can gain valuable life-lessons by looking in the rearview mirror. However, God never wants us to live in the past; only to learn from it. For the Christ Follower, there is only one gear: Forward.


The Jordan River Rules is all about moving forward. From the first six chapters of the Book of Joshua, we will learn ten God-given strategies for moving forward. Participants in the study will be encouraged to read Robert Morgan’s book, “The Jordan River Rules,” the sequel to his best-seller, “The Red Sea Rules.”


Join us for this eleven-week journey as we cross our own Jordan Rivers and move into our own Promise Lands. Perhaps by the end of the journey we will discover that the same God who led us out will lead us on!


Jan 8

Jan 15

Jan 22

Jan 29

Feb 5

Feb 12

Feb 19

Feb 26

Mar 5

Mar 12

Mar 19

The Best is Yet to Come

#1: Move Forward

#2: Yes to Strength

#3: Step Up

#4: Find Help

#5: Expect God's Guidance

#6: Prepare for Tomorrow

#7: Trust God with Problems

#8: Build a Monument

#9: You're Not in Charge

#10: Encircle Obstacles

Don't navigate Jordan River Rules by yourself! There's a small group waiting for you!  

Prefer to read via Kindle?  We gotcha!

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