The 2021 Grace Ladie's Tea

Tea parties can be a lot of things: elegant, zany, quiet, loud, complicated, or casual.  But the one thing they should be is relaxing and enjoyable. 

That's the way friendships should begin and be maintained.  And after last year's chaos?  We deserve to enjoy each other's company once again.  To reconnect, to laugh - maybe even cry a teeny bit - and remember why life is so great when we do it together was Women of God.


This year we're excited to have Patty Nolan be our main speaker, with music provided by the River Valley Church.  And how can you have tea without some great food?  This year you can expect an epicurean delight of epic proportions as we present a delicious charcuterie board!  

This is always a popular event so make sure you get your tickets early!  Click below!


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Patty Nolan

Patty has been a teacher and involved in ministry with her husband since 1992.  She formerly taught at Goddard High School and is coming back to share her insights in the challenges and opportunites we can face as women.  

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Beach Banquet

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