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Have you ever been caught in the dark? How did it make you feel...disoriented, confused, afraid?

There is only one cure for being trapped in darkness, only one way out. Light!

The Biblical writers use darkness as a metaphor to describe life in this world without God. They also use light as a metaphor to describe life when God enters the darkness of this world.

From the Prophet Isaiah and the Apostle John, Christmas at Grace this year will discover the difference Jesus makes as The Light of the World. As Isaiah would predict, "The people walking in darkness have seen a great light." As John would proclaim, The light has come.

Do you find yourself living in a dark world? Join us, beginning December 5, for Light of the World and let Jesus turn on the light for you

Dec 5

Dec 12

Dec 19

Dec 24

The Light is Coming

The Light has Come

Walk in the Light

The Light of Life