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It can happen to any of us. It probably has happened to most of us. We go through an experience in life, either positive or negative. Then, years later we looked back on that adventure or ordeal, and disappointingly conclude, "I don't think I made the most of that experience."

Christmas is coming and we don't want to look back someday on this season and regret not making the most of it. So, our goal at Grace this Advent Season is to make sure we "Make the Most of Christmas."

Our guide for the journey will be Luke. Our text will be the second chapter of his Gospel, which tells the unforgettable story of the shepherds surprised by angelic visitors. What can we learn from these ancient sheep herders and the divine message they received that can help us make the most of our Christmas this year? Come and see!

Make Christmas a Time For ... 


Dec. 4

Dec. 11

Dec. 18

Dec. 24

Dec. 25






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