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Queremos Saber de Ti

What do I do next at Grace? 

  1. Come on a Sunday. It's the best way to get to meet us quickly. Services are at 9:00 am and 10:45 am.
    There is always a friendly smile ready to greet you and a seat open for you to join us in. You'll love the casual atmosphere, and Grace Kids is ready for your children to have fun!
    In the lobby we have a free GIFT we want to give you!

    While you're here, fill out a Connection Card. We pray over every request, and WE REALLY DO WANT TO MEET YOU!

  2. Register for our next Class 101: Discovering Membership, and find out just exactly what Grace Community Church is all about. 

    All Discovery Classes start promptly at 5 pm and end at 8 pm. 


What does it mean to be at peace with God?  What does it mean to trust Jesus Christ as Savior?  Click HERE to find out!

Member or regular attender?  The Grace Interchange is the place to go for forms, tools and other information. 

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