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Trusting God for our Next Senior Pastor

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Pastoral Position Profile

  • Category: Senior Pastor

  • Denomination: non-denominational

  • Church Size: 950 Sunday Attendance

  • Responsible To: The Deaconate Board

  • Primary Responsibilities: Preaching, teaching, counseling, administration, and routine pastoral duties.

  • Job Type: Contract, full-time; 40-45 hours per week

  • Date Posted: September 2022 

A dream is the bearer of a new possibility, the enlarged horizon, the great hope.”

~ Howard Thurman


It has been said that we can live weeks without food, days without water, but only mere seconds without hope. Men and women can endure any pain, cross any obstacle, and solve any problem, if they know that there is hope for the future.

Hope for what?  Hope that their purpose can be fulfilled. They may never reach it, but they will die trying. In fact, if it is not worth dying for, is it really worth living for?

At Grace, that is our great dream. We believe that helping people to find and fulfill their purpose liberates them to make the greatest sacrifices, attempt the greatest goals, and humbly serve the Lord our God. For over twenty-four years, our founding pastor has helped us dream this dream and we’ve rejoiced at the fruit of our efforts. But now, it has come time for him to retire. He wants to pass on the Shepherd’s Crook to one who is faithful, loving, patient, and overall, believes that the missing ingredient to people’s lives is that they are living for everything except their purpose.

Is that your heartbeat?  Is your passion to teach, lead, and shepherd a people who will live their lives in community so that they live God’s great purpose? Do you have an unshakable vision of guiding people to find and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives?  Please read on!

The Person we are looking for:

  • A born-again baptized believer, in agreement with the Church's vision, values and beliefs.

  • One who is a serious disciple of Jesus Christ, blameless, and called by God to shepherd and love the flock of God. [1]

  • One who embraces evangelical tradition, believing that the Church of Jesus is the hope of the world.

  • One who understands and has a track record of equipping the Body for works of ministry.

  • Someone that understands and has experience in navigating the complexities and nature of a large (1,000 +) church.

  • Someone who will present the Gospel in a way that is culturally relevant and biblically pure.

  • Someone who will champion support for the total Church program of stewardship, worship, missions, fellowship, and education.

  • Someone who is willing to serve as a team member of the Grace church staff, working toward the health and growth of the congregation as a whole.

The Tools and Skills they’ll need[2]:

  • Minimum Master of Divinity or equivalent from an accredited seminary.

  • Minimum of ten years of experience shepherding full-time in a local church.

  • Gifted by the Holy Spirit with preaching, teaching, and leading with an eagerness to further develop these skills.

  • Heart of excellence in spiritual disciplines for authentic self-leadership.

  • In regard to the Purpose Driven Church (PDC) model, they possess mastery of its principles and are convinced of its advantage as an ecclesiastical philosophy of ministry.

  • Can successfully lead a church staff of 20+.

  • Has a track record of equipping the saints for ministry.

  • Able to take initiative as a self-starter.

What they will be responsible for:

  • Provide leadership and direction to the overall ministry of the Church.

  • Oversight of the Church Staff.

  • Perform regular pastoral duties, such as preaching, teaching, conducting worship services, visitation, performing weddings and funerals, counseling and leading the meetings of the Deaconate Board.

  • Attend conferences and workshops, as needed, to update skills and broaden scope of growth.

  • Provide the Staff, Deaconate Board and Church Membership with vision and direction as to the future direction of the Church's Ministry.


[1] Foundational Scriptures regarding pastors: Eph 4:11-12 ; James 3:1; 2 Tim 4:2; Acts 20:28; 1 Peter 5:1-4; Titus 1:5-9; Eze 34:1-10; 1 Tim. 3:1-7

[2] Resources that have guided or influenced the ministry culture of Grace Community Church: 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell; The Purpose Driven Church, Rick Warren;  SHAPE, Eric Reese; Sticky Church, Larry Osborne; Sticky Teams, Larry Osborne; What On Earth Am I Here For?, Rick Warren

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