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It's all about ME! (No, it's not!)

The funny thing about this blog is that it was always intended for our visitors, members, and regular attenders to peek behind the curtain and get more perspective on life at Grace. For a while, this was kind of “my” blog (Sean) and it documented my own thoughts about my non-Hodgkins lymphoma journey. I knew there would be a time when I would step away from the subject, and (finally!) that day has come. Not just because I don’t want this to be a personal, cancer-fighting journey blog, but because there’s so much else going on at Grace. And I don’t want to weary you, the reader! So, ready?

What's up with ME?

Likely, if you live in Roswell, you’ve seen a few bright yellow signs with me on it – and by that I mean the words “ME” on it. And no other explanation.

What’s going on, here? Has Grace become one of those “It’s all about me churches?!”

Actually further from it – but it’s a paradox. Let us explain.

It’s not about you … but you have to start somewhere.

The most important step in leadership is self-leadership. Stephen Covey, in his classic Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, wrote that to maximize your productivity, you must begin with yourself. Self-leadership” he wrote, “is the process through which individuals target their cognitions and actions toward desired outcomes.

Desired outcomes. Yeah - that's the thing, isn't it?

Everyone wants to be successful at something, even if it’s toward selfish and self-destructive ends. Most don’t want to do that, but as the adage goes: “Well begun is well-done” – we have to be brutally self-aware, then thoughtfully launch.

Of course, Grace is a local church devoted to the living Lord Jesus Christ. As such, we believe that reasonable happiness today and supernal happiness in eternity is found only as we are surrendered to our Lord. It IS all about Jesus – and the sooner we realize that the more at peace we’ll be and the faster we (literally) incorporate his happiness and blessing.

BUT that said … perhaps the next logical steps are to ask:

  • Is my identity based on my perception of what others think of me?

  • Who am I supposed to really be?

  • How do I become the person God intends for me to be?

  • How can I live my life so that my legacy is about serving others?

It’s that last question that – through the wisdom of God’s Word – we want to make the impact that God has always wanted us to have in this world.

So, we want to encourage you to participate with us in the ME Series. Our goal in this five-week study is to develop a healthy, Biblical view of ourselves. Then we will be able to love our neighbor in the same way that we love ourselves.

Here’s how get the most from this series:

See the official description here, and find the MESSAGE and READING SCHEDULE. Have more questions? Come see us in the lobby on Sundays (everything you need to get started is available at Campaign Central in the lobby) or give Pastor Kevin Price a call at Grace (575) 623-5438. Want to be a super-influencer? We have yard signs for you to display at your home or office, packets of invitation cards and even ME tee-shirts.


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