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The Search for Grace's Next Senior Pastor

In 1998, Rick and Mary Hale, along with about 90 people crammed into a house to start dreaming and praying about planting a new interdenominational community church for the purpose of finding and fulfilling God's will for their lives. Two weeks later, over 200 people met to commit themselves to this project, and Grace Community Church was born. But just as Moses had to step aside for Joshua, the time has come for Rick and Mary to retire and let another leader step-in to take us to the next phase of our maturity.

Working with Shepherd Staff, a Christian executive search group, Grace is trusting that God will find the right person to be Rick's successor. 

What can you do?

Pray. The Bible is very clear: "Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful." (Colossians 4:2) We will announce various prayer challenges and opportunities and we encourage you to keep seeking the Lord privately, in small groups, in large groups and at every opportunity. 

Shepherd Staff will search high and low for the right man of God, working with the Grace Search Team. When the time is right, we'll present him to the Deacon Body, who will in-turn present them to the adult members for voting.

Communication is very important to us and we want you to know which phase we're in.

Another thing that is important is that you, as a member, use this information as a matter of prayer. 

Where are we RIGHT NOW?

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STATUS: We're proud to be working with Shepherd's Staff to help us find a great fit!
NEXT: We ALL pray, as we look for an alternate source of excellent candidates. 

Phase 1: “Preparation”

Plan of Succession is developed

Search Team selected and begins preparing


Phase 2: “The Search Begins”

  • Deacons announce the official beginning of the search

  • Search Team engages in the process. 


Phase 3: “The Search Narrows”

  • Grace partners with The Shepherd's Staff executive search group

  • Applicants are narrowed

  • Interviews conducted with top candidates

  • Top candidate is chosen


Phase 4: “The Search Concludes”

  • The top candidate is recommended to the Church

  • Church-wide vote

Phase 5: Our New Pastor is Installed

prayer icon.png
  • JOIN the Prayer Group! Thundrous 300!

  • Use suggested scriptures to form your requests.

  • Ask that over all the Father's Kingdom come and Will be done.

  • For Grace Community Church: that we'll appropriately grieve and respect Rick and Mary's decision and take up the challenge to BE and PRAY like a church should through this transition.

  • YOURSELF: What appropriate action should you be taking? How will you lead in prayer? 

  • For the team: 

    • Supernaturlly guided in wording and promoting our church's search

    • Unified in spirit, service, and process​

    • protection from the enemy's distraction

  • ​That the candidate/shepherd God has always had in mind will be prepared for a wonderful move. ​

  • That this shepherd and his family will be unified in heart and intent on leading Grace into the next phase of our life. 

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Interested in this position?  Click HERE.

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Grace Official Succession Documents

Jeremy Sanchez manages construction for the Roswell Independent School District and has been married to Sonia for 16 years. They have two children: Joaquin and Julieta, both in elementary school.
His hobbies include DIY projects, wood working, photography and music. He loves to serve in Dine-1-1, and the Greeting Team. 

He acts as our Deacon Representative.   

Our Search Team
hicks, anne.jpg

Anne Hicks is a retired CPA who serves on the Grace staff as our Finance Director. She loves to serve on the media team, with graphics, camera, and as video director.  She belongs to a small group and has been a Grace member since 2006.  She and her husband Chris, have been married almost 22 years, have 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.

She acts as our Staff Representative.   

2022 sunset on Oahu.jpg

Sean Lee has been a resident of Roswell since 2002, joining the staff at Grace as their Youth Pastor and has since changed ministry positions to be our Pastor of Connection. You can read more about him here.

Sean acts as Pastoral  Representative and Team Leader. 

sanchez, jeremy.jpg
pruitt, michelle.jpeg

Michelle Pruit has attended Grace from the beginning! After graduating from the University of New Mexico, she came back to Roswell, worked at Grace for a bit, and now has a career in early childhood education. She's an active volunteer at Grace with her husband, Adam, in Celebrate Recovery and the worship/media ministry. She and Adam have been married for 6 years and enjoy traveling, eating good food and hanging out with their dogs.

She acts as our church member Representative.   

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