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You've heard it said: "There is no "I" in TEAM." (But there is in "WIN"!)

At Grace, we want to grow and mature together in what it means to work as a team.  This means UNITY, but not Uniformity.  

Years back, Rick introduced a fun way to celebrate an important aspect of that value: when a teammate does something not in his or her own lane  BUT for the sake of helping another do better or succeed.

So, he instituted the ODAA Award, which stands for "Other Duties As Assigned".  When you see someone doing something that not in their job description or when they go out of their way to help you with something so that you can win, they represent the spirit of TEAM and we want to celebrate that.  

So, keep finding ways to help the TEAM win - and you might get recognized!  

This Month's Winner

Barry Anderson was chosen by Kevin Price because he is always willing to help with anything that anybody has going on.  

It's a good thing he oversees Ministry that others do, otherwise, he would do it and do it well!  

Congratulations, Barry!

Past Winners ... 

October 2019

Kevin Price

September 2019

Rick Hale

Christmas Party - 2019

The distinguished staff of Grace Community Church. 

Always full of dignity, class, and grace.

Rick receives his bobble-head.  

This bobble-head is Mary Hale approved!

Rick contemplates his likeness in resin.


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