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"But we had to celebrate and be glad ... " Luke 15:32

In 1998, with no guarantee of success, 200 people decided that it would be worse for their lives and for Roswell if they didn't try something new, something different, and  something gutsy. But there were already plenty of churches in town. Why another one?


But God had other plans. He still does!

Now, twenty five years later, we need to pause and celebrate!

It's not easy to start a church from scratch and build it up. Certainly not to the point where we are today. We have never claimed to be smarter, stronger, or better than anyone else. Grace Community Church's singular drive, however, was that we believed that people deserved to find and fulfill God's purpose for their lives.

We are humbled by our Father's, help and provision over the past twenty five years - and He deserves the credit and glory, and our celebration of his fame and renown.

No matter where you are on November 26th, we want you to come and celebrate with us. You don't even have to be going to Grace right now - you had and always will have - an important part. We know that the date may present challenges, but it's important for us to celebrate His fame and renown.

How You Can Celebrate with Us on November 26th

  • Assemble with us for the 25th Anniversary Worship Celebration. Whether you choose the 9:00 or 10:45 service, let's celebrate the goodness of God together with special music with Mary Hale and The Word!
    Bonus: Are you a
    Grace Choir Alum? Join us on stage!

  • The Grace Time Capsule will be opened in the lobby. Be on hand for this historic event!  It all starts at 10:30!

  • Special Commemoration: Each family will receive a Grace 25th Anniversary mug and specially-made dessert cookie.

  • My Letter to Grace 2048. What would you like to tell Grace members twenty five years from now? How would you encourage them? Leave them a small note of encouragement or a prayer provided in that day's bulletin. It will be sealed in the time capsule! (Deadline for entry: December 24, 2023)

  • What if you can't come? You can still participate! Watch on-line either live or on video. Email us and make sure you get your Commemorative Mug and Cookie (while supplies last).

  • You Oughta be in Pictures!  Whether you're out of town, or just want to get it on video, send us your Grace Story on your cell phone!



  • Because distribution and Time Capsule opening will happen between services, please plan accordingly: If you attend the 9:00 am service, get the kids and go straight to the lobby after services. If you attend the 10:45 am service, plan on coming 30 minutes early with the whole family.

  • Bonus Serve: At Grace it's never been about "serve us" but "service": Immediately following the 10:45, we'll be doing some Christmas decorating. Stick around to help for 30 minutes. We'll have pizza!

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