Our church has been structured to fulfill the five purposes of the New Testament church while maintaining a balance between them. We believe that a balanced church is healthy, so everything we do as a church is geared toward fulfilling one of these five purposes. Our staff, budget, ministries, and calendar are all linked to one or more of these five purposes.


We use a sequential strategy to help people discover the good news of Jesus Christ and grow in their relationship with God. Our goal is to help people move intentionally from being members of our unchurched community to regular attenders in the crowd to members of the congregation to committed maturing members, to core ministers, and ultimately to commissioned missionaries. Each of our base pastors has one of these concentric circles as the primary target of their ministry.


You will grow at Grace! Spiritual growth is like a seed planted in the ground. With the right nutrients, water, and exposure to the Light (Jesus Christ), the seed sprouts and matures. At Grace, we will encourage you to grow through four major habits that will help you mature and become more like Jesus.


At Grace, we believe that once we understand that God formed us for a family, created us to become more like Christ, and shaped to serve him in ministry, we are ready to grow in the MISSION that God has for us.


At Grace we will always encourage a passionate and joyful examination of God's great gift to us: our lives and our ability to respond to his Call!


At Grace, we prioritize the Biblical purpose of Fellowship - the meaningful, authentic, sharing of our lives as a family. We believe that God wants to spend eternity with a Forever Family.


At Grace, we believe that EVERY member is a Minister and EVERY ministry matters to God. We partner with each person to help them find their S.H.A.P.E. for ministry.