Are You Happy? 

Where in the world can a person find happiness these days?


Happiness by any definition seems to elude us, always just beyond our grasp. Could it be we are looking for happiness in all the wrong places?


Inspired by Max Lucado's book, "How Happiness Happens", we will go in search of a place called Happy.  This six-week road trip may be down the road less traveled, but we hope to find happiness at the end of the journey.


The focus of the series will be six Biblical commands, all involving the phrase "one another."  

These one another commands will serve as mile markers on the road to Happy!


How can you maximize this series? 

  • Make sure you attend or watch on-line every message!

  • Purchase the Max Lucado book 

  • Get a t-shirt 

  • put up a yard sign

    You can get the last three items in the lobby at Grace.

But the best way to learn?  Join a small group!  Call Kevin Price at (575) 623-5438 to find out how.  

Already in a small group and need the group material?  Just click HERE!


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