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Life Changer Class:
The Purpose Driven Life

a 43 day journey of discovering God's purpose for your life!

What is the purpose of life? 
What is the purpose of MY life?
How can I know for certain that the life I'm living is the life that God has always intended for me? 

Jesus commanded that his disciples should teach everything that he commanded us (Matthew 28:18-19).  That takes a whole life, not just a class.  What can happen in 43 days?  Actually, quite a bit!  It took forty days of rain to deluge the earth; Moses spent 40 days in the desert in prayer – as did our Lord; the spies took forty days to case out Canaan. 
Is there something special about the number forty?  Probably not – but a lot depends on what YOU want in your life – or rather – how eager do you want to know what GOD wants in your life? 
Either way, after these forty days, you’ll know a lot about the will and purpose of God for yourself and for humanity as we explore the great themes of the Bible. 

Outcome and Objectives

  • The participant will discover the great themes of the Bible and be guided toward living a life of wisdom so that God is glorified by a surrendered life.

  • The participant will be challenged to optimize their life as a disciple by seeking the wisdom of God, trusting in the love of God, and living for the Kingdom of God.  



  • A heart to learn

  • Daily reading of What on Earth am I Here For?

  • Weekly attendance of the class (without missing worship)

  • A willingness to share your thoughts and opinions

  • Adherence to the LCU Group Covenant


Optional Learning Enhancements

  • An eagerness to obey what the Holy Spirit reveals (See 40 Day Covenant)

  • Willingness to serve in some capacity (see “NEEDS” tab in our group)

  • Weekly memory verse


SUMMER 2019: the Class will meet at 9 am in CONFERENCE ROOM 100 on the west side of the main building. 



Session 1: You matter to God

Session 2: Worship

Session 3: Fellowship

Session 4: Discipleship

Session 5: Ministry

Session 6: Evangelism

For more information, contact Sean at or  575-317-4658.

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